My 6-wd autobiography


Hated by many; Loved by few

In this world where morality and rights and truth are taking a backseat to jealousy, lies and backstabbings,   where your bestfriend turns into your worst enemy and the people you cared for are the first ones to throw you under the bus i couldnt find no truer words.  In my case anyway, it would seem that these words best describes me whether hated by some for my achievements that they could not accomplish  or loved by those closest to me simply just for who i am,  i would’nt want it any other way.  In the famous words of Z-ro “as long as they are talking about us we know we’re staying on their mind.”


Live your life with no regrets.

I say this because no matter what trials and tribulations you go through in life, the good and the bad they all had an impact in making you the person you are today. You take the good with the bad and just roll with the punches. Besides you can never keep moving forward if your to focused on your mistakes in the past. So live it with no regrets,  consider everything a lesson learned, and keep on pushing.  One day you wont be able to push no more and you wont want to think what if…

Make it happen.

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