[ Leila’s Six Word Autobiography. ]

Six word autobiography for today:
“Just how damaged have I become?”
    I have always felt like damaged goods, at best. I have my own issues, family and personal, that have weighed heavily upon me for too long. Time can be cruel, especially when your current stitution is far from ideal. It moves too slowly, minutes seem like hours and hours turn into days.  Life is hard. You get hurt and sometimes ( most of the time, for me, it seems like ) the wounds won’t heal properly, but instead they become infected and fester day by day. Then you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, just how damaged have I become?

My autobio for fifty years in the future:
“Let me take away your doubt.”
    Reassurance. We all need it. We all want it. I have no problem in giving the people I care about what they need. I have always done this, it has always been in my nature to be caring. I can only assume that with fifty years of life under my belt that this would only intensify. Thinking about it, fifty years from now I will more than likely have children of my own that will be looking to me for answer their questions about everything. Let me take away your doubt.

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