“Life Is Pain, Deal With It”

I have passed through difficult moments through out my life but I feel they have made me who I am.

I feel this phrase can describe me NOW, but hopefully not LATER. If I would have to choose something to be engraved in my tombstone, I definitely would not like this phrase. I would actually want something from the bible that relates to my time in the Earth.

Whatever I chose ( or whoever buries me decides to put in my tombstone) would be something everyone who knew me knew and those who read it will impress them. Not another “Here lies ***** *****, beloved daughter, mother, etc”. I will work on that, but until then, there is nothing else to do but live to the fullest.

I feel I will accomplish more in the future and therefore I will be known for something else, not just for struggling through life. But for now, Life is Pain, and there is nothing we can do about it but Deal with It! 

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I am a quiet person.
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