About Me: Homework Assignment

This should be done on paper.

Ø  Name

Ø  What is your first language?

Ø  How many college credits have you earned prior to this class?  When did you earn them?

Ø  Will you be working or volunteering this term?  If so, how many hours per week?

Ø  What commitments and challenges do you have in your private life that may impact your work at school?

Ø  What are your goals?

Ø  What are your wishes and dreams?

Ø  Why did you enroll in this course?  Do you feel positive, negative, or neutral about this course? If you enrolled in this course only because it is required for your degree plan, how do you feel about being here?

Ø  Have you had any other courses or learning experiences in this subject area?

Ø  What has been your biggest challenge in this subject area?

Ø  Where do you go and/or what do you do when you need help in this subject area?

Ø  What are your expectations and goals with regard to this course?  What do you hope will be covered in this course?

Ø  What do you want people to know about you?  Can you think of two adjectives that describe you?

Ø  What is your intended major?  If you have already decided on a major, how sure are you about this choice?

Ø  What led you to this choice?


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