Studying… Extra Credit.

I believe that studying is an important aspect to the college experience. I am currently taking four credit hours and I do study, but not as much as I should. According to APS I should be studying about 8 to 12 hours a week , but I don’t. I do believe with what the website says. All the tips that were suggested are ones that are excellent tips that should be applied to college, it’s just hard with work and other things going on. I recommend that no matter how hard the rules seem, they should still be followed as close as possible. I think that if you put your mind to achieving these goals and guidelines, then they can be achieved. Through high school I didn’t study much at all and I made pretty good grades, some A’s but mostly B’s. If I would have studied then I could have probably been a straight A student. My goal is to study more and get a really good GPA and obtain alot of information when I leave.

About Laura

This is my first year at College and I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher. I'm not really good at math but am wanting help on it so i can be better at it. I love penguins and all animals... except fish. I'm very diverse I love all types of music and I'm not just being cliche'. I am strongly against drunk driving. I get along with alot of people just give me a chance.
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