Making the Transition

Quite honestly I don’t use any of Jeff Benett’s College tips to success, the only thing going for me right now is my attendance, which I’m sure will falter in the future. Looking back I always kind of floated through High school, I put a minimal amount of effort into my homework, and only made decent grades because i could test well. I’m very quickly coming to the stunning realization that “floating” is a word you should never use to describe your college experience.. unless maybe you are on the swim team. Jeff recommends spending several hours per night just studying notes, or rereading important sections of the textbook. Well jeff, I have learned throughout school that I’m an auditory learner. For me taking notes and balancing what i take in while listening is very difficult, sometimes I tend to write down to much, and in a struggle to keep up with whats being said I don’t Understand it. I write down words individually so that the whole idea is lost in a jumble of words, instead of strung together in coherent sentences. My notes typically consist of the topic and not much else, because i can Look at a word and recall an entire lecture about that word. Rereading textbooks.. where to being, well let me just say ITS BORING! Drab, dull, dreary, dry, and completely uninteresting. I had a hard time reading Jeff’s tips because in my mind I skip around on the page being unable to focus on an entire sentence. Mr. Benett’s Tip are something that seems common knowledge to me already, the practice of turning them into habits is what we all probably struggle on. They are something I’ve brushed aside for the last 19 years of my life. Now Is the time to make the change, because even though a few of his tips I would struggle to implement, several others are what will make or break my college degree.

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