Murphy’s teaching laws

Murphy’s teaching laws

  • The clock in the instructor’s room will be wrong.

          I remember all through high school all of my teachers clocks in there room would either be wrong or not even work at all. I would always ask my teachers ” Wats the point of having a clock in your room when it does not even work?” Every teacher would say the same thing either check your watch or how about you fix my clock.


Disaster will occur when visitors are in the room.

   For some reason everytime a vistor comes in to one of my classes something goes wrong. For example, My senior year we had a vistor come in my english class to just observe and next thing you know the celling piece above her came tumbeling down on her head.

  • A subject interesting to the teacher will bore students

      I agree with this becasue most subjects that teachers like to talk about are not the same subjects that entrest students. In high school i had a rather old teacher and he would always talk to the class about different subjects and everytime he would begin to tell his story, i would turn around and see half of my class paseed out

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