How to succeed in college (and disregard life)

Jeff Bennet’s review on how to succeed in college classes certainly contains useful information, although some suggestions seem, in my opinion, extreme. The study hours that he suggests are rather unrealistic — at least for my life. My schedule does not allow, nor do my classes demand, 6-9 hours of studying per week per class.  Allowing that much time for studying is unnecessary and extremely inefficient for me. Generally speaking, his study schedule could prove realistic for some students but I think that it would scare off most students with how demanding it is. However, I found that his other suggestions about preparing for a test are mostly attainable and very helpful. I found that I am capable of upholding all of them and that I typically do without thinking. All in all, his suggestions to me were a little far fetched but still helpful. I would like to know if that is how he studied in college.

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