Away from a lifetime of negativity…

I’m the product of a teenage romance. Let’s just say my mother’s childhood was cut short. She has made it a habit to take out her built up frustrations on me. For as long as I can remember, nothing has ever been good enough. She wanted me to be everything she wasn’t. When I failed her expectations, she completely blew her top. I did my best and longed for her acceptance. It never happened. I tried over and over again to get her approval, and maybe a pat on the back. It wasn’t until last December that I realized it wasn’t ever going to happen. I finally gave up trying to satisfy her and moved 300 miles away.

Now, I’m setting my own goals to satisfy myself. I’m determined to prove to her that I’m better than she’d ever given me credit for. SometimesI find myself criticizing the things I think she would. Its a constant battle I fight in my own head. It’s been hard, but I’m overcoming it. I’m away from a lifetime of negativity. I’m ready to to turn the page and move on with my life.

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