Editing Yoga Instructor Who Cuts Hair

At the moment, my life’s goal is this: to become a book editor, teach yoga to people who have suffered physical trauma, and cut hair. I have no idea how I will find time to do all of this but what are goals for if they’re somewhat far-fetched? Becoming a book editor would both be fun to do and financially secure. I know several people in need of a good editor (some bad experiences with less than qualified ones) and I would very much enjoy being that. Secondly, yoga has been something that I love for a while now.  Although I’ve never taken an actual class, I’ve done the whole video thing and hope to take a yoga course next semester. I think it would be really great to help out people who are in need of a way to alleviate their bodily stress through yoga (which is a great way to de-stress your muscles and joints). Finally, cutting hair has been a desire of mine for years and although I am not completely committed to doing it for the rest of my life, I would love to accomplish my goal of starting a salon with my friend, who is also interested in cosmetology.  Thus, my current autobiography would be: editing yoga instructor who cuts hair.

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