Jeff’s Helpful Hints I can apply to my success in college classes…

The first thing that stood out for me was ,”Don’t miss class.” Attendance is so important in every class that i am taking including english.intro to algebra,sociology and history. I do believe listening to what the teachers have to say about the topics reviewed in the book will help you retain the information way more easier and lock it it your brain than if you were just to read it. I have already missed 2 days because of circumstances at home and i can feel how it has thrown me off a bit and i dont like it but that just means i have to put in 2 days of extra work to make sure im right there with the class when i get back. Jeff mentions when you are having trouble with a concept you have to do more reading and problem solving, for example, for me I have to ask questions during class and meet up the math tutor for help with my algebra homework afterwards. I will also read through the chapters in my book and try to refresh my memory on how to work and breakdown a problem till i understand the formula. Another also true thing is ,“Word problems should have word answers.” , especially when taking a test . You could have points deducted if you only jot down the numerical answer and not the whole answer which involves a whole statement. I learned that the hard way in highschool after so many points kept on being deducted over a simple thing i could have fixed . I found many things i agreed on with Mr.Bennett and will continue to use these strategies to better my grades and just overall participation in my college classes.

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