Can’t Fanthom My Cool Kid Demeanor

Growing up in New Orleans never seemed to be easy, but playing soccer all the time an trying to stick out in a crowd full of uncreative nonimaginative people made it even more dificult. I was always the girl who wanted to dress dress differently have crazy cool friends who loved taking risks. I did ! I was lucky enough to move to texas an come across a particular bestfriend by the name of Solange ( some ppl ma know her as a certain celebrity’s little sister but if you don’t know her that’s even better). She always pushes me to b different lead a new crowd be a Cool kid but always change up my swagger so that way no one can try to be like me.  She Is my muse really , she  always helps me with the new fashions an we go shopping whenever she’s in town an i keep her up on all the latest soccer news

sooo trying to fanthom my demeanor won’t happen because i’ma Cool Kid & that’s just Me!

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