Enjoying life, before its too late

The reason I have chosen this as my 6 letter autobiography is because I believe it to be true. I have had some hard times in my life, losing loved ones, having to be away from family, having bad luck,everyone does; but the truth of the matter is; even in the hardest of times I feel you have to carry on.Try to remember all the good times you have had in life, remember your family and friends and how much they love you. Look at the positive things you have to look forward to in your future. What career you will end up doing, getting married and having children, all the great experiences you have yet to live.  I would hate to look back when I am very elderly,and remembering that I never really did anything great with my life, that I did not take chances, or take good opportunities. I am trying to make the best of my life, and look at things in the most positive way, before it is too late.

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