Finally I fit in the frame.

Throughout my entire life i never really seemed to fit into any frames, or groups, cliches ect. I have tried to be in alot but none of them really ever fit me. I started out trying Scouts, and I moved out of that just didn’t really fit me. I moved to band and made alot of friends, but I never really fit with them I always went and did my own thing. When i got my first job I got to know alot of people in the restuarant, but no one i really would want to hang out with. Now I go to Best Buy almost everyday and I start out getting dressed. First I iron out my blue collered shirt to look prestine and clean. Then i get on my dress shoes and attach my name tag. When I’m about to go out the door I put on my Ray Ban aviators and think to myself, “I make this look good”. I really do think this is the most comfortable group I have been in except for my closest friends, but no one judges and everyone respects everyone. It’s like one of our sayings go, “Have fun while being the best”.

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