Seven years ago today our country was attacked.

It was the latest in a series of attacks carried out against our country. And it was the most personal. They came to our soil, took advantage of our education system, and flew our planes into our buildings to kill our citizens.

Their goal was the paralysis and annihilation of our government. They intended to kill many more people than they did. 2,996 Americans died that day.

More did not die because it was a voting day and in New York you get two hours off from work to vote. Most take it in the morning, either to go vote or just to stay in bed longer. It is why the World Trade Center towers were not full of workers, as they usually would have been.

8,000 children were evacuated to Ellis Island, separated from their families to hopefully keep them safe. Can you imagine being a sixth grader, with 8,000 other children and only your teachers and the workers on Ellis Island, watching the smoke and wondering if the Statue of Liberty was the next target?

2,996 Americans died that day.

We must remember.

And we must work to make sure it never happens again.

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