Example essay: Gambling c/c

Gambling has been around since the beginning of mankind and has evolved with us.  From race wagers to card games, there is a game that suits every gambler’s tastes.  But should it be legal?  Some see it as a fform of pure entertainment and others see it as a drain on the morals and economy of communities and society.   Each side has strong and very opposing arguments on the topic.  Statistics disagree and opinions vary between different articles touching on specific areas of the discussion of whether or not gambling should remain legal.

Both sides take extermely different views on the effects of gambling on violence and crime in local communities.  On the pro-gambling side, the authors claim that “gambling does not cause increases in bankruptcy or crime in communities where casinos are legal” (Fahrenkopf).  On the other hand, the anti-gambling side argues that “counties with casino gambling experience increases in rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft compared to counties without casinos” (Haugen).

The articles offer completely different arguments on the topic of poverty and bankruptcy.  Pro-gambling authors say that casinos provide jobs and benefits to people. keeping them out of poverty.  In some cases they actually leave welfare as a result of employment at the casino (Franker).  Anti-gambling supporters arge that people below the poverty line spend up to seven percent of their income on gambling (Hurst).

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