Peer review questions for compare/contrast

1. Do they use the correct four line heading?

  • Does it say Dr. Davis?
  • Do they give the class and the class period (ex: English 1301- 10)?
  • Is the due date (today’s) the last line?
  • Is it on the left?

2. Do all the pages after page 1 have their last name and the page number on the top of the right hand side?

3. Is it double spaced?

4. Does it have at least three body paragraphs?

5. Does the introductory paragraph introduce the topic and the four articles?

6. Does the body of the paper deal with

  • Comparisons only?
  • Compare/contrast?
  • Contrasts only?

7. Are the paragraphs on a single, unified topic? 8. Which sentence or paragraph left you confused? 9. What are the strengths of the paper?  Name two. 10. What are the weaknesses of the paper?  Name two.

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