Am I Addicted?

I wouldn’t bluntly say that I am just addicted to alot of the reality-entertainment shows today. Although I must say that VH1 does have my attention with the reality shows they showcase. As far a American Idol goes, I love to watch the auditions with my family and then when it is time for the show to premiere i’ll try to keep up with what is happening, but other than that it is just another show for people to make something happen in their lives. Now if I were to miss episodes from time to time then I wouldn’t care; it is not important to me. The same thing goes for Dancing with the Stars as well. It’s shows are broadcast on Mondays and I am not able to watch them due to me having rehearsals with the ministry that I sing with on those nights. Again I say…not important to me. So to sum up all of this for the question at hand, am I addicted?…No! It is so much going on in my life right now with school and work that I am not able to be at home chilling on the couch watching non-stop television like I used to. When I am free i’ll watch whatever I can, because the love for the t.v. is not going away, it is just that I growing up and that means no time for laziness.

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