Gossip Everywhere

I must say i am really into the gossip websites like theybf.com and mediatakeout.com an people magazine.com. I can sit around all day an read about celebrity gossip it just amuses me to read some of the crap that people get printed about them. The world has changed very much over the years. There use to be no paparrazi no websites with instant info on celebrity’s an what they did that weekend of how they delivered there baby’s an what there kids look like an who’s marrying or divorcing whom. I mean it’s to the point nw where you can almost find out there whole prenup an divorce settlement online. But the industry is thriving an i love it. ALot of my friends will come over an we will sit around an read about who our favorite guy celebrity is dating an talk about it an make jokes it’s just becoming  normal for people at this day in age.

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