Peer Review on Argument Paper

The Beginning

Is the title catchy/interesting?

How do they introduce the topic?

Does the introduction grab attention?

If so, is it through:

personal testimony?
Does the paragraph say something like “in this paper,” “this research paper will,” or “I will talk about?” (It should not.)

Is the thesis the last sentence of the paragraph?

Does it have the three arguments the paper will cover in it?

Body Paragraphs

Circle the following: you, your, it, lot, things, well, pretty
Remove those.

If the paragraph is long (7+ sentences), does it have a concluding sentence to remind the reader what the paragraph is about?

Underline any contractions or numerals. (won’t, didn’t, couldn’t, 2, 15, 22)


Did the writer summarize the paper in the conclusion?

Is there anything in the conclusion that was not presented before? If so, what is it? (This could be fine, if it is a conclusion of the story, a statement of why the person feels this side is correct, or an argument from authority. If it is new evidence, a definition, or a new argument (outside of authority), then it is not permissible.)

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