The world of ‘Reality Tv’

Reality tv shows are becoming more and more popular.I used to be glued to the tv watching shows such as Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol, however with each new season coming out every year I have lost interest in these shows. I am talking about the new reality tv shows such as a new show called ‘Paris Hilton’s my new Bff. When seeing the commerical for this new tv show about two months ago, I swore I would never get sucked in to watching this show but of course when the show aired back in October, I could not help myself but to start watching this new show. The idea is that Paris Hilton wants to find a new best friend, the contestants are not famous, they work normal jobs, away from the ‘star’ scene. I have been hooked ever since the show started, and find myself tuning in every week to watch the newest happenings on the show. This is not the only reality tv show that has recently hit the tv. Other reality tv shows include ‘The House of Carters’ following Nick Carter and his siblings lives and how they live, and also an older show called ‘Meet the Barkers’ following Travis Barker from Blink 182 and his family, and how they live their lives. Unfortunately, to me, there is something facinating about watching their lives and how they live, I think I am intregued because most of the time we believe that these stars will be really stuck up, and spoilt, I mean they obviously have a lot of money, and enjoy many perks being famous, but I think it is nice to see stars that you admire being down to earth, and living and acting a similar way to ourselves. Maybe my huge ambition for movies, music,and fashion glues me to the tv, and gets me hooked on such shows, and although some may find this rather pathetic I have to admit I am a huge fan of reality shows involving music icons and movie stars!

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