Cafe East

I love eating out alot and the best place to go and eat, when you are tired of eating mexican food 24/7 is the chinese buffet. I have been to many chinese buffets, but the best one on my list is the Cafe East located in Humble, Tx. The best thing about these chinese buffets is that they have a bit of every culture, like french fries, fajitas, sushi and many other things. It is also very cheap, that is $8 per adult, whereas at sonic, you buy a toasted sandwhich, drink, and fries for $6. I believe this is incredible especially when you have waiters clean up for you every time you finish a mountain full plate and ask you for refills and they bring it to you, where in other places you have to get up and take a break. Another great thing about Cafe East is it’s enviroment: Budda when you walk in, chandeliers hanging,dimmed lights, soft music and tv’s, which helps  relax clients on their lunch break. I have to say that old saying in spanish,” panza llena ,corazon contento,” which means “full stomach, happy heart.”

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