Crazy about the F word

Are we the people who run out and get hip onthe newest craze that sweeps the nation and then it’s gone in a matter of…5 minutes? Fashion has been one of the major enjoyments of being alive. Highlighting anything you could possibly think of and more, fashion has changed so much throughout the years. From bell-bottoms to afros to barbie doll dreeses to skinny-leg jeans. Everything can be described as a fashion statement and it is all about expreesing yourself. When Rihanna came out with new style of hair cut for the women, it started so much good press to where the look could be seen every where; I mean I just saw the cut last night!! I think that I have a nice style and even though I am all for the new looks that come out, it is nice to be unique. So am I crazy about the F word….YES/NO. The only time I will not look my best or some-what close is when I am at the college.

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