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So a lot of things are “in,” including many television shows. Reality shows, for example, are very popular but are too dramatic and made up for my interest. There are also many talent shows that allow America to vote who remains in the competition. My personal favorite, however, are the not-too-dramatic, serial television shows; specifically the medical ones.

                House, Bones, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy are my ultimate favorite shows to watch. I don’t know why exactly I like to watch them; they just seem to peak my interest. It’s probably because I want to go to the medical field myself, and I know that most of the things that happen on shows like these will not happen in real life. Each show has a reality base to it when it comes to the scenarios that occur, but they each have a uniquely dramatic twist to it. House, for example, always brings the predicament that the doctors cannot figure out the illness that a patient has. This is because each educated guess cannot explain each symptom that is present or shows up later. Not only is there suspense in what the patient has, there is also anticipation what will happen with each individual character, especially when two begin to show an interest in each other. These shows are my kind of entertainment. They always keep me anxious for the next episode.

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