Name Brands

I have been addicted to name brands like the newest purses, shoes, wallets, and phones. I usually buy a new phone and purse every 3 months and new shoes every othere month. It is something that I personally love. My favorite brand so far is Versace or Dooney. I’m not really a big fan of coach, but they do have cute shoes. This started when all of the names started to get famous and they made really cute things. I don’t see anything wrong with it but others may.

About Laura

This is my first year at College and I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher. I'm not really good at math but am wanting help on it so i can be better at it. I love penguins and all animals... except fish. I'm very diverse I love all types of music and I'm not just being cliche'. I am strongly against drunk driving. I get along with alot of people just give me a chance.
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