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Gaming is a relatively new form of entertainment, dating only as far back as 1977 with the Atari 2600 and pong. Through the years gaming has become a more popular medium with people of all ages. It used to be a game would come out and it would have a decent amount of play among the community and then it would die off as other games came out with better features or maps. Before the internet could be applied to the gaming world, people would have to drag all their gear over to one house and hook up physically. However, now game consoles can connect to the internet and download new content, such as trailers, demos, movies, and expansion packs, as well as allow people to play each other competitively and allow communities to form. This clearly extends games “lives” through continually updating them to meet the communities wants or desires. Online gaming has also changed the way people interact in society. For instance, I played with a guy on Halo 2 for about two years and finally he decided to come down and visit me from Kentucky, and about a year later, I went and stayed a week with him. We have remained very close friends even though we no longer play Halo 2 anymore.

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