Playstation 3

last year for christmas, i was given a playstation 3 that i cherish very much. it has to been one of the great inventions of all time. I use my playstation for everything. Instead of getting up and going to the other room to get on the computer, i can easly use my ps3. Its a very convienent piece of technology. my ps3 doesn’t just play movies, it plays blue ray disk. The sound and picture is like 20 times better than a regular dvd player. I can spend all day with my ps3, and not get bored with it. The main purpose of the ps3 is to play games. The games are very realistic and seems like its a movie. With the ps3, you are able to play people all across the world at any time. People think that your a loser and a couch potato if u spend over a couple of hours on the ps3, but really it has many purposes.

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