reality shows

so i am the biggest hills fan there could ever be! every monday night  i have to watch the show. it is very addicting and it is my favorite show on MTV. before the show ever aired on television i never really watched tv. and if i did watch tv i would watch the show The Simple Life, with paris hilton and nicole richie! paris hilton also has a show out called Paris Hilton’s New BFF! that show also is my other favorite. reality shows, to me, are the best thing you could watch on tv. im not into shows such as, grey’s anatomy, the office, csi, or even house. i guess you can say that they are not intresting to me. many people think that reality shows are just made to start drama and to put on a act for people. i guess u can call me nosey because i like to know what they do in their life. reality shows are not a bad thing to be addicted to.

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