Renaissance Fair

I have been going to Renfair for many years now. The lure of camping out and enjoying the friendships and joyus times over one weekend before having to return to the modern world on Monday is too much to pass up. Being able to dress in old style clothing (Which I would wear in day to day life if it weren’t for the stares I would recieve) and carry a sword around gives quite a rush that attracts many people from all different social circles.

However it does have some bad points that should be mentioned. Drug use has apparently escalated in camp in recent years and drunken people stumbling around (many with swords strapped to their side) can end very badly. But in general most people are responsible and level headed. It is the newer people that just want a place to party that has caused problems in the past and will likely continue to do so in the future. However this is a minor problem, even at the worst. The majority of people that attend the Renfair never encounter any problems at all and those that do likely put themselves in a bad situation in the first place.

All in all Renfair is a place of happiness and carefree relaxation and stress relief.

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