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Journal Prompt 1

I like emailing.  I find it easy to stay in touch with friends and family in a quick and easy way.  I do not have to pick up the phone, hope the line is not busy, or leave a message.  I type what I need to say and it is over.  I do not have to dress to send an email.  If I want to sit down in my pajamas and send an email, no one will see me.  It is also fun to log on and see that someone has sent me an email.  I still think it is necessary to have human contact, either by phone or in person.  The negative aspect could be personal info getting into the wrong hands.  A person should be very careful with personal info.

MySpace or OurSpace?

Journal Prompt 2

I do share some personal information on line, but not very personal info.  In my emails, I may write about a situation that occured during the day or about what I bought when I went shopping, but that is the extent of the personal info.  I do not worry about what I put in my emails, because I feel the info is not too personal.  I am always very careful about what I do post on any website, even my own emails.  I know anyone can access this info, if they are interested.  There is little privacy left in anything we do today.  Anything put anything online can, and may,  be viewed by anyone.  This is the price of technology.

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