Journal Online privacy

1.I really do not go online to share personal information. Maybe just on my emails that i send to friends, but never on myspace. I might just send a friendly message to a friend ony myspace but nothing incriminating. The World Wide Web , jus like it says , sounds so untrustworthy to be putting personal things up online. The world can go online and see everything that is there. Like the essay mentioned, peolpe are so naive on how not private the internet is. I think it is the most unsafe place in the world. Even your own personal email can be hacked at any time.

2.I do not think he should have been suspended for so long maybe just given a verbal warning and made him delete the post would have been enough. He did say he did it just to be funny , nothing serious. But, im sure he learned his lesson and now knows how anyone can be watching what you post online , not just your friends. My responce remains the same even if he didnt have a racial slur.

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