Journal prompt 1 & 2 from Myspace or Ourspace

1: I personally don’t have too much personal information up on Myspace because I have always known how much information can be found online. I share more on my Livejournal Blog because there is no pictures or personal information, just sharing what happens. This is still not giving me any illusion of privacy.

I feel safe posting the information that I do have up there because I know the risks involved and take steps to avoid any unpleasant situations. I do know that it’s not impossible for people to find out what they want about me online but all I can do is make it harder for them.

Koppelman’s essay did not change my views on internet privacy at all. I have personally had over 20 stalkers online, some of which found personal information on me from various sources and tracked me down. Because of this I am not an average case. I had illusions of privacy and such before these events and had that comfort bubble pop in my face.

2: Personally I don’t believe anyone should be suspended from school for what is said online unless it is posted from a school computer. The content doesn’t matter. To suspend people for expressing their freedom of speech should be against the law.

I don’t believe I would react any differently. I disagree with the photo and find any racial slur to be distasteful and quite idiotic, but freedom of speech was made because people wanted the freedom to say what they want despite how others feel about it. If everyone said something that was generally liked then there wouldn’t be a need for giving people freedom of speech.

I fully agree with the arrests of people that post their pictures of them doing illegal activities, because it is evidence in a public area. Also in blogs if you post an admission to guilt then it’s in a public area and no different than shouting a confession in a crowded shopping mall. But the schools have no right to punish for things that are done out of school.

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