Online Communtication

The times have brought forth new ways of communication such as personal web pages on MySpace and Facebook along with the creation of chat rooms that provide and easy link to anywhere and the ability to talk to anyone imaginable. Although the connection power is remarkable, a fear comes with saying personal things in chat room and on comments on MySpace that can be transferred to anyone’s computer. People everyday get harassed and stalked by ignorantly placing their telephone numbers in various places on the internet so a friend will see it and call or text them, yet when the caller turns out anomyous, the fear strikes. When I personally get on my MySpace and Facebook, I never give out information that I wouldn’t want everyone to notice. My MySpace is set to private unless I approve them as a friends and without that approval, any random person can not see my information on my page aand becuase of scary people that exist in the world that falsify information to prey on girls, I only approve people that I know and/or have a personal relationship with. The internet can be a scary place, so choose wisely hwo your information is best served and take to heart that anyone in the entire world that has a computer cana know every detail of your life that you tyhink only your intimate connections do.

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