Differences between men and women

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Typically, my demeanor and communication styles vary depending on the day and my mood. I am actually surprised to see that the author did not mention anywhere in the essay how women’s talking style will vacillate quite easily. However, on a general basis I find that I do, in fact, conform to Tannen’s presentation of how women interact. I could see how that is the status quo for men and women in the workplace, and I definitely relate more to the women, but I fall more into the middle of this gender pendulum. Again, my demeanor fluctuates with my mood, and sometimes I find that I act more confident and assertive, like a man. But on a regular basis, I definitely tend to be more timid and take a humble approach to my accomplishments, acting on the stereotypical role of women.

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The old saying, “men are from Mars; women are from Venus” is not too far from the truth, I think. It is clear that men and women innately think differently because our genetic make-up differs significantly. Apart from anatomical discrepancies, chemical proportions in males and females are unlike in numbers and proportions. As a result of these nuances, society has responded to nature with an undeniable large number of stereotypes relating to gender differences. As exaggerated as “gender roles” are in a society, they are legitimately founded on scientific explanations of the male and female thought patterns and behaviours.

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