Michael Jordan

Good Links
Biography of Michael Jordan This web site gives a description of his life growing up and his journey into becoming a NBA hall of famer.

Best dunks ever This web site displays the top ten best dunks of his career. You can see all the high flying dunks, the amazing wind mills, reversals , and his signature one handed dunk.

Gatorade Commercial This site shows him going one on one with himself. It also shows all his best moves from his early nba career to his days right before retirement.

Restaurant This web site talks about his restaurant in New York City. It explains the menu and introduces the executive chef, Frank Dyer.

Shoes This website shows where you can find nice Michael Jordan shoes; it also gives slide shows and mini clips on his shoes.

Other shoes You can buy Michael Jordan shoes at this site. I go to this site to look at the new Jordans that are about to come out. This web site explains every shoe that comes out; in addition, it has interesting facts about the shoes, for example, the date when he first wore the shoes in a game.

Bad Links
Fake shoes This is not a good web site because it has jordans that are fake. Here’s a tip, any jordans under the price of 100 dollars are not real.

Fakes On this website you can order fake jordans right from the wholesale house. This is not a good web site because you do not know who you are giving your personal information to.

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