Aerosmith to the max

Aerosmith have always been my favorite rock band.I have read their autobiography, got the chance to see them in concert, and know a lot about the band itself. Here are some good links to some good sites about the band.
Aeroforce One This is a great site, it has everything you would want to know about aerosmith, tour dates, a section if you want to join up to be a member, a store to buy aerosmith gifts, and up to date news on the band.

Another good website is Vh1 Aerosmith This is the Vh1 aerosmith section that has lyrics, music videos, picture galleries,video playlists and a message board.

This is a fansite related to Aerosmith Fansite The reason I love this site is because I am a member of the site and it is a great way to talk to other fans about the band and learn new things that maybe you did not know. You also get to talk to people from all over the world which is pretty awesome.

This is the official myspace of Aerosmith. Official Aerosmith Myspace It is constantly updated with new songs, tour dates and info, so is a good source for fans to see the latest with the band.

Guitar Hero Aersomith Although this site is not filled with loads of information about the band I think it is good for Aerosmith fans to find out about Aerosmith guitar Hero. They recently released their very own Guitar Hero and it is an awesome game to play especially if you are a huge fan. I think it is a site worth knowing about.

Aerosmith Temple This is also a very good fansite. Constantly updated including information, cds, dvds, books,lyrics, merchandise, history and latest news.

I personally do not find the site a good site Fansite It has hardly any information at all, so it does not help fans who want to know about the band, or people who do not know much about the band.

I think another bad site is Aerosmith It gives a list of the songs and birthdays of the frontman of the band and one of the guitarists but does not include the rest of the band or any information whatsoever.

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