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Official Site
This is Marilyn Manson’s official site. His publicist writes and controls the website so you know all the information is accurate. All his tour dates, special apperences, and up coming events are on there. There is even some of his art work on the website that you can look at and hopefully soon buy.

Movies and Appearances
This site shows all the movies that he has done and some of the albums he has. It even shows a picture of him incase you do not know what he looks like. This is reliable and true information about what all he has done.

Tour Dates
This is good to see what tour dates and special promotions that he will be doing. It has a month by month calendar saying what has happened from 2003 and on. It also says things that may be helpful if you just want to understand more about him.

This a book written by Kurt Reighley telling about his life and why he is who he is. It is also a great book and I would suggest that people read it. He doesn’t just brush the surface he goes deeper.

More Information
Very good and organized information. All the information here is correct and in a well put together manor. If there is something that you need to know about his past you can see it here.

The Spooky Kids
This is good for band information and telling where they are now and a little bit about each member. It also says where the band members are now.

German and Rumors
This is a bad site. The page keeps going to German and is a bunch of people putting up rumors of what they think is right but really is not true.

This one confused me in some ways. It is supposedly about Manson but is trying to sell you things that have nothing to do with Manson. Also it says things that are out of order in time.

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This is my first year at College and I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher. I'm not really good at math but am wanting help on it so i can be better at it. I love penguins and all animals... except fish. I'm very diverse I love all types of music and I'm not just being cliche'. I am strongly against drunk driving. I get along with alot of people just give me a chance.
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