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As I am seriously considering homeschooling my children. I decided to use this subject for our current blog post assignment.

Great Links for Homeschooling

This site offers information about every aspect of homeschooling your children. It has information for those new to homeschooling, links to resources and information about each State’s guidelines and policies and curriculum and information on every subject.

A complet overview of homeschoolingAnother great site for a complete overview of everything a parent needs to know about homeschooling.

Great source for materials for Math This site offers free math worksheets, teacher curriculum and actual lessons.

Science for homeschoolers This site offers information about teaching science subjects in a homeschooling environment.

Curriculum reviews Homeschooling curriculums are reviewed by those who have used them on this website.

This site offers information about homeschooling in the state of Texas It contains information about laws, legistlation and the rights afforded to homeschoolers in Texas.

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