I picked this topic because I am interested in becoming a Pediatric registered nurse and am pursing this goal by taking the 2 year AAS degree in Nursing at Kingwood College and transferring to a medical school. Nursing has inspired me not only because it pays well and is a career that will always be needed, but because medical assistance is the most valuable help given to needed individuals. Without health assistance many may have not accomplished what they have.

This web site is great it shows every informative aspects of Nursing.

Discover Nursing

This website shows the diverse nurse programs offered throughout the U.S. and degrees such as Master’s Bachelor’s and many more.

Pediatric Nurse Practicioner

This website shows hospitals and health care facilities that are hiring RN’s, the salaries each offers, and the shifts offered.

Nursing Jobs

This link defines the practice of a Pediatric RN and includes links to universities with MS degrees BSN and many more.

Job profiles- pediatric

This website includes statistics such as pay rates, minority nursing statistics, and health of different ethnic groups that make up the Nursing population

Minority Nurse

This encyclopedia website is a good site to visit because it gives you a definition of nursing and how it has developed through out the years and the requirements needed to become a specific nurse.

Wikipedia: Nursing

This website is valuable for those who are looking for the highest ranking nursing universities in the U.S.


This website offers people with top on line colleges such as University of Phoenix, Kaplan University ect.. and information about that college.

This website is uninformative because it is a recap of some of the links I have posted.

RN Central

This other website is not very good because it has the the materials such as scrubs, shoes, and other accessories instead of the informative back ground of RN.

Cherokee Uniforms

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