The Potential of the Human Voice

Singing is something I love to do. In my personal opinion, however, I don’t think I have an excellent singing voice, just intermediate. I never cared much for the keys that I sung in, I just sang. As I got older and joined my church youth choir, tones and pitches became somewhat a priority. There are many classes a person can take, which can be expensive. There are also websites you can read, even though words can’t teach you how to sing. These websites do help, though, from the basic information to almost expert advice.

Dwayne’s Singing Page, for example, takes you through the somewhat basics of singing. It explains the different voice ranges a person can be, tips to preserve your voice/vocal cords, and even ways to get rid of a sore throat.

The National Association of Teachers of Singing is another website that is useful to those inspired to sing. This website helps people to find singing teachers that are available in their area, informs them of upcoming events, and promotes singing competitions held around the nation.

The Smart Music Group gives information not only on singing, but many “behind the scene” things that could affect a person’s voice. The website includes articles written by professional voice coaches that explain how things like a person’s diet, personal habits, and their balance affect how their voices sound and the after effects of them as well.

Brett Manning’s Singing Success Online makes it accessible for people to purchase and attend singing lessons online.

The International Journal of Research in Choral Singing is an intense website that digs into many details of singing. The website includes articles that have been written as a result of a study/experiment. Some of the articles include: how the choral formation affects the performance of the choir and how some of the conductor’s hand gestures give the choir voice tension due to their perception of the conductor.

The Singing Voice is an excellent website that teaches people “how the human voice works” and how we can help it develop into a musical instrument. The website goes into detail of how a voice is made, the make-up of vocal anatomy, and techniques to help make your voice a singing voice.

Extra Credit:
The Singing Dictionary is a website that may sound very interesting. In reality, it is annoying and random. This website believes it can help a person remember a definition by “singing” random words, with different voices, with the music of popular songs playing in the background.

Singing is Easy is a website that promotes a set of singing lessons that could be downloaded online or into a MP3 player, but does not look reliable. The site’s layout is done unprofessionally, giving it a “cheap” look.

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