The United States Army

This website provides clear information over anything you might want to know about the United States Army. It also gives you the oppertunity to get in touch with a recruiter for any further information you might like to know. There are videos included in this website as well.

This particular website provides information for the new soldier, parents of soldiers, retired soldier, and for industry. It is a good website to visit if you have any questions over the army. It also show documentation of certain events that occured in the past.

This is a website that discusses previous information about aviation dealing with the army. You can visit the gift shop online without ever having to attend. You can also view brochures for the museum through this website as well.

This is a website that gives information about the United States Military Academy Band. If you are at all intersted in this, the website will give you information on any upcoming shows as well as information on education provided at West Point Military Academy. It shows different types of special performance nights that they have open for public as well.

This website provides different links that will give you information about bombers and flight training and other things that were involved with WWII. It tells you how the army air force dealt with certain obstacles during this time.

This website gives you the history of the army. It also gives you the option to donate or the option to join the website group. You can also buy things on this website and view different historical facts about the army.

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