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Although I don’t pay attention to them as much I still visit every now and then to reminisce and catch up.


This is probably one of the main stops for me because it covers everything you could possibly think of I primarily visit to brush up on the latest news and reviews.


This sites also good but I don’t consider it as credible as IGN in my opinion. This is the site I used to go to and for a while I forgot it ever existed, but still it’s a good look with solid reviews.


This site is also one of my favorites mainly because it’s the only site that I actually care about the editors and writers. The EGM magazines are my favorite and the weekly video broadcast they make is very top notch and the mix of humor in their reviews lets me connect with them, making it a more involved experience.


This is an offshoot for the 1up crew. It’s owned by the same publishing company (Ziff Davis Media) but it’s a strictly online publication that shows… well, game trailers and gameplay videos.


This is a very good community site that I primarily use for cheats and strategy guides. It’s entirely fan based so having said that, I would not recommend the reviews section because it’s filled with fan boys and ridiculous critics that make the effort put into looking for a decent review not worthwhile. This is the reason that I recommend 1up or IGN if anything.


In the beginning the G4 television channel was strictly a video game based network originally designed for publishers to promote various video games. It has since broadened it’s horizons to have talk shows, comedies such as Arrested Development, and yes even Japanese game shows. I personally much preferred the old days of G4 and I yearn for shows such as Cinematech and Icons. Regardless of the network there is still much to be had on the G4 website.

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