World of Warcraft (WoW)

Mucho bueno links for WoW

World of Warcraft Home Page – This is the World of Wacraft home page. WoW is a MMORPG pc video game, so all of your basic information is here. You can pay your account here, check the latest news, see of any upgrades or events available, and the story line of the game itself, for people who would like to know more about World of Warcraft.

Curse – Curse provides many add ons for World of Warcraft, and also for many others. Here you can download add ons that will assist you in the game, for whatever you may choose. Some add ons can be used for questing, some for making “money”, some for better fighting with other players, and some for better personal customization of the game for you to enjoy.

WoW Armory – Here you can check how your friends are doing in the game. Check their status, level, gear, and skills. Armory also helps you compare your character to others to see how much you’ve progressed. And finallly, armory can help you find items that you’ve had difficulty finding in the game

Thottbot– Many of the quests you do in the World of Warcraft can be confusing, so this is the place to visit when you need help with virtually any quest in the game. What makes it better is tha players who have already done those quests comment on there and help others out. Some even provide screenshots for better visual help.

WoW Wiki This is basically the Wikipedia of World of Warcraft. You can find vitually anything for WoW here, whether it be character specs, advice on different bosses that you come across with, news that has leaked out before the public should know, and forums where players can socialize. The only downside to WoW Wiki is that like Wikipedia, it can be edited by anyone.

Allakhazam This website is for more die hard fanatics of World of Warcraft. It is like a combination of thottbot, armory, and wowwiki in one place, but very confusisng if you do not know the game well. Players post their achievements, different bosses they have defeated, rare items they have aquired, and skills they have. Allakhazam also has forums for players to socialize and share advice.

Not so bueno links for WoW

Mapwow – The only purpose of Mapwow is to provide maps of WoW and it’s different locations. The problem is that the maps are often inaccurate and better maps are provided on most of the links I have posted above.

World of War – This website looks very nice from the exterior, but it takes sources from most of the websites I have posted above, just reposting information from other sites.

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