World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

This is the WoW official website from the creators blizzard entertainment. On this website you can manage your account, setup subscription, change password, see upcoming events, and read general information about the game. All the basics info and account management features you will occasionally need to utilize.


The armory is a great tool to look up players characters, it displays gear, faction reputation, professions, skills, arena teams, guild and much more.


Mmo Champion is a website dedicated to publishing news about the world of warcraft, things such as World first boss kills, developer posts, Patch notes, class changes, dungeon and zone information.


Wowhead is a database that you can use to look up any item, npc(non player computer), player ability(spells) or quest in game. It also comes with features like talent calculators.

Warcraft Movies

Warcraft movies is a website for fans of the game to publish movies they have created from filming in game footage. The category’s range from Player vs Player combat, to Player vs. Enemy or boss fights, as well as Role play or Comedy often referred to as Machinima.

Elitist Jerks

Elitist Jerks is the website of a high end guild, their forums host some of the best player ‘theory crafters’ theory crafting is about crunching numbers and equations of ability mechanics and modifiers to maximize stats dealing with damage per second, avoidance, and general player vs player discussion.

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