Good Links:

IMDB – Internet Movie Data Base. Hands down THE place to go for movies. This site has it all, from actors to soundtrack listings to goofs. I have been going here for years to find that certain actor that is right on the tip of my tounge or a shooting location for a certain scene. – Besides the boring and unoriginal title, this site is pretty decent. It has all the information you could want on recent and upcoming movies. The downside is, if it hasn’t released in the past few years you can’t find any information on it. – Although it conatins the standard release dates for upcoming movies, this site is based more on writer’s and editor’s opinions of movies and the gossip surrounding them. – This site has some great information about movies young and old. Unfortunately it is still just a watered-down version of imdb with no comparison to the depth that it reaches.

Rotten Tomatoes – This website takis it’s information from the masses. It takes in polling information to give ratings to movies and provides a viewpoint from the general public rather than critics.

Bad Sites

Movies in Maine Today – This site just looks cheap and amature. It has ads all over it and it is so specifically directed it won’t do many people any good.

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