Orthodontics and it’s practices.

Good Links

Education Portal This is a good site because of it’s quality and accuracy of it’s information. It gives precise and detailed information about what is required of being an orthodontic assistant and also gives dates and ways to become an ortho assistant.

Academy of Orthodontic Assisting This is a good link for learning about becoming an orthodontic assistant due to it’s list of course requirements, criteria, and what the coursed will be covering during its time span.

New York City Orthodontics This is a very effective site for learning terms and usage of very vital and important information.

Wiki Answers This site gives accurate job descriptions as well as what kinds of requirements are expected of an orthodontic assistant.

Dental Details This site is a national site that shows the need of answers that people have involving braces and bracket placement. It says how bracing are an accessory to helping obtain an attractive smile and self confidence.

Colgate World of Care This site is most likely one of the most effective sites for answering the tough questions involving orthodontics, in my opinion. It talks about exactly what braces are and all the parts that make up the single term “braces.”

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