“Bearskin” and “Puss in Boots”


A soldier comes home from war, where he finds that he has no money, no parents and no help from his brothers. He wanders the forest and comes across the devil. He strikes a deal with devil. The devil gives him all the wealth he could ever imagine but the soldier must no bath, comb his hair, shave, or prat for seven years. He can only wear the green coat and the bearskin the devil gave him. If he lives through all seven years, he will be very wealthy, but if he dies his soul belongs to the devil. Four years of people running in fear because of his looks, he comes across a poor man. He is on the brink of death. Bearskin gives him pockets of money and in return the man offer his one of his three daughters to bearskin. The oldest daughters are terrified of him because he is so hideous but the youngest was grateful that bearskin helped her father. Bearskin breaks his ring in half and gives it to her and tells her to wait 3 years and he will return and if he does not return then he is dead and she should move on with her life. After the three years go by, bearskin returns to the forest where he meets the devil and the makes bearskin clean cut again. The soldier then returns to youngest daughter but the two eldes want him too. The soldier waits til he is alone with the youngest and puts his part of the ring in her wine. She then knows that it is bearskin and hes come back for her. When the two eldest daughters find who he really is, one drowns herself and the other hangs herself. There is a knock at the door its the devil and he now has two souls instead of one.

Character Analysis of Puss in Boots:

Puss is cat that is clever at. Unlike most cats, he learns to like a human. By watching his master, he soon learns to trickery. He uses it to trick the king. Puss is more of a conn artist. He also a ladies man. He can woo pretty any girl. In this case, the king’s daughter. He conitnues to conn others. He earns the name Monseuir Puss.

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