Brother And Sister


This fairy tale is about “Brother and Sister” and their evil step mother. The step mother always gave brother and sister hard time. She beat them up regularly and did not give them good food to eat. One day brother and sister had enough and they decided to run away to the forest nearby. As they were walking the brother told his sister that he was thirsty. At this point in the story the step mother had found out that her step children had run away. Since she was a witch, she put a spell on ever stream there was in the forest. As they approach a stream, the sister would hear a murmuring voice. It would say if you drink this water you will become some kind on animal. The sister convinced her brother to not drink water. But as they pass by the third stream the brother had drank the water. He was turned into a Roe. The sister then made a promise that she would take care of her brother no matter what happens next. After a couple of days passed by, the king came to hunt in the forest and found the loveliest maiden he had ever seen. The king asked her to marry him. She said yes. The all moved in a castle. The king found out what their evil step mother had done and punished her for action. Now the evil mother is dead and the spell is no longer working. Roe turned into a boy and they all lived happily ever after.

Character Analysis:
I read the fairy tale “Brother and Sister” by the Brothers Grimm and chose to write a character analysis on the brother character. Most of the decision he makes are good but the one about drinking water from the stream was a bad one. That decision changed brother to a Roe because their step mother had put spell on every stream on the forest, she is a witch. Brother who is now a Roe motivation is his one and only sister. He loves her very much and cannot see her getting hurt. This is shown by the way he acts to protect his sister even when he is a Roe. Brother is loyal to everyone and by the end of the fairy tale; he is turned into a boy.

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