Brother & Sister


Brother & sister is a very good story.  It is about a stepmom that beats the kids every day.  The brother and sister found out that the stepmother is a witch.  Therefore, they decide to go into the forest to be away from her.  Then the brother gets thirsty and wants to drink out of a spring.  However, every time he stops to get a drink the sister tells him not to drink from it because it tell her not to drink it or he will turn into anything.  Therefore, the brother passes about two springs until he got to the third spring.  From that spring he drunk from it and turn into a roe.  Then later on a king turn him back to a boy again.


Character analysis:

The sister in the begin is scared about their stepmom.  In the middle of the story, she becomes braver.  In the end, she is brave because of her brother.  As if her brother is a roe, she takes care of him.  The same way he took care of her in the woods.  She was scared at her stepmom being a wish and poison all the spring. She let her brother know what the water was saying about if he drinks it and will turn in to.

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