Summary: In this fairy tale the queen is dying and she tells the king that he is to find another queen more beautiful than she is. He choses is adopted daughter and she refuses and runs away. She covers herself in an ugly donkeyskin and hides the fact that she is very beautiful and has beautiful gowns. A prince becomes sick and he says that only a cake made by donkeyskin will cure him. When she is making the cake her rings comes off without her realizing it. He looks for all of the women which the ring would fit and when all of the imposers got done the real donkeyskin came and when the ring fits he knows that she is the one that he will marry. Her adopted dad and the new queen come to the wedding and they decide that they are tired of being the king and queen and oppoint the newlyweds.


Character Analysis: The three main characters in this fairy tale are the king, the priness, and the prince. The king is all about being wealthy and even has a donkey that produces chunks of gold from his ears. He is obedient in the manner that he wants to do as his late wife wished by marrying someone much more beautiful that her. The princess does not take the riches to overly. She does not have to have the nice things to make her happy. She even covers herself in a nasty old donkyskin but behind closed doors she dresses in the nice dresses but decides that she is much happier just the way that she is. The prince is in love with the image that he saw through the keyhole. He wants to make her his wife. When he realizes that the ring(of the donkeyskin) fits upon her finger he knows that she is the woman that he saw through the keyhole. The whole time though he doesn’t know that she covers herself in these ratty clothes.

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